The  Parish  Church  of  St  John  the  Baptist, Coventry

Sunday 19th May

Fifth Sunday of EASTER

10am Parish Mass

Today's Gospel is from John Ch 13 vv 31 - 35 - A new commandment I give you that you love one another.


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SERVICES and times that the Church is open THIS WEEK for visitors and quiet prayer :-

 On days when the church is open the Regina Caeli is said at noon
We aim to be open from 10am - 12noon most days (subject to the availability of volunteers)

Monday 20th May - Feria - No Service
Tuesday 21st May - Feria - 6pm Confessions
- 6.30pm Mass

Wednesday 22nd May - Feria - 12noon Rosary - 1pm Mass
Thursday 23rd May - Feria - No Service
Friday 24th May - Feria - No Service
Saturday 25th May - St Bede the Venerable - 9.30am Mass

The Sixth Sunday of Easter - May 19th - 10am Parish Mass

   As one of Coventry’s most historic buildings, St John’s holds a special place in the heart of the city. Situated on the corner of mediaeval Spon Street, the parish stretches to the west of the city centre, covering around 5,100 people including many shops and businesses; from the Lower Precinct and IKEA to family firms in Spon End, along with the Sky Dome and surrounding entertainment area.

Being a city centre church means we have the opportunity to welcome and serve people from across Coventry, as well as visitors from around the UK and the world. However, looking after a Grade I listed 14th century building, serving people as a place of worship, a historic site and a centre for the community presents many challenges. So we are always looking for people who would like to contribute their time, talents or raise funds to help support St John’s.